Manual Video Conferencing over IP: Configure, Secure, and Troubleshoot

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Access detailed technical information about our software applications, including our software architecture, supported RFCs, API documentation, how to get the source code and more. Learn how to use Linphone and Flexisip to build your intercom system, your secure VoIP solution or your social networking app. Linphone is an open source SIP phone that makes it possible to communicate freely with people over the internet. Find out what it can do. If you are in any doubt about how to start using Linphone and make the most of all the available features, you can look for answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Create and manage your Linphone account which means your own SIP address to start using Linphone and connect with your friends. In order to ease the development of Liblinphone-based apps designed for Apple platforms, we have recently developed a Liblinphone Swift wrapper. Infosecurity Europe is presented as one of the leading event in Europe around information and cyber security.

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2 – Encryption is essential

Michael writes articles on Skype and related issues. Michael also evaluates products used with Skype and provides feedback to the vendors on features and improvements to help drive the direction of Skype-related products. Michael is also the host and webmaster for www. Michael works for a Fortune company, where he delivers security consulting services to their clients.

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Michael also presents for his company at many trade shows and conferences and works with associations and groups, advising agencies like the FBI on Skype security and the Center for Internet Security on wireless security. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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MPLS explained

Unless an encrypted connection is requested, all of this takes place as plain text that may travel across the open internet or your office network. There are even tools readily available that will let you listen in on unencrypted phone calls that use Wi-Fi.

When folks hear that an underlying protocol isn't secure, they often give up on it. But you don't have to do that here, because protecting a SIP call is possible. You'll notice this looks a lot like an email address except for the "SIP" at the beginning.

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  7. Using such an address will let a SIP connection set up a phone call but it won't be encrypted. The problem with even the secure version of SIP is that the encrypted tunnel exists between devices as they route the call from the beginning to the end of the call but not necessarily while the call is passing through the device.

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    This has proven to be a boon to law enforcement agencies and intelligence services everywhere because it makes it possible to tap VoIP phone calls that might otherwise be encrypted. It's worth noting that it's possible to separately encrypt the contents of a SIP call so that, even if the call is intercepted, the contents can't be easily understood. However, you'll need to test this for business purposes to ensure your VPN provider is giving you enough bandwidth in the tunnel to avoid call degradation.

    Video conferencing - connecting with external sites

    Unfortunately, the SIP information itself can't be encrypted, which means that the SIP information can be used to gain access to the VoIP server or the phone system by hijacking or spoofing a SIP call, but this would require a rather sophisticated and targeted attack. The VLAN, as is decribed in our story on VoIP security , has the advantage of effectively providing a separate network for voice traffic, which is important for a number of reasons, including security, since you can control access to the VLAN in a variety of ways.

    Problem is, you can't plan on a VoIP call coming from within your company, and you can't plan on a call that originated as VoIP coming in through your phone company's central office switch, if you're even connected to one of those. If you have a telephony gateway that accepts SIP calls from outside your premises, then you'll need to have a SIP-capable firewall that can examine the message contents for malware and various types of spoofing. Such a firewall should block non-SIP traffic and should also be configured as a session border controller.

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    For example, a bad guy can send you an Internot of Things IoT -like attack that plants malware on phones, which can then be used to send information to a command-and-control server or to pass on other network information. Or such malware can spread itself to other phones and then be used to shut down your phone system.