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How can you expect your people to perform at their best when you leave them in the dark? The effectiveness and productivity of your workplace are realized when your people work as a team. Perhaps you play favorites and the drama and tension are just too much to overcome. Without clear directives and unity, teams will flounder. Click To Tweet.

As a leader, your responsibility is to bring your people together, not keep them apart. As long as your people are pitted against each other there will be workplace drama. You, as a leader, need to be confident in your abilities and value. When leaders feel insecure they often, consciously or unconsciously, create crisis situations within their team.

This allows them to step in, resolve the issue, and get the credit for being the hero. Not only does this negatively impact productivity, but your team members will also begin to see through your veiled actions and you will lose their respect as well as the respect of any other leaders you are trying to impress. This lack of respect and continually operating in crisis mode is a key contributor to drama in the workplace.

7 Reasons Why Your Leadership Style is Causing Workplace Drama

Success is a win-win situation. If in striving to help your team succeed, you cause strife between other departments, you are causing failure as a whole. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team works well across departments. This collective teamwork is the solid foundation that allows your organization to thrive and you to be seen as an effective leader.

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The author also offers her wise recommendations on what companies can do to protect themselves against a technocratic hegemony and how to cultivate the talents of Artists and Craftsmen. She also tells you how to determine what type of leader you are and how to interact with other types to achieve both personal and corporate success. The Drama of Leadership is an articulate, insightful, passionate appeal to develop the kind of leaders and organizations that can take us into the twenty-first century.

Before becoming an academic, she was chief economist at the Toronto Stock Exchange, senior vice president of a national small business organization, and has served on many boards of directors. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. The Artist.

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The Craftsman. The Technocrat. Behind the Scenes.

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The Dreams of the Playwright. The Harsh Realities of the Stage.

ERIC - ED - The Drama of Leadership.,

Climax: The Triumph of Technocratic Illusions. Our leader us acting out again. Visibly and audibly irritated, blaming someone, and thrashing for immediate solutions. Without knowing what the problem really is — or even if there is a true problem. It gets worse.

Demeaning someone or an entire team. Name calling, threatening to fire people, and generally lashing out.

Claiming legal action without basis.