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Bruiser would go berzerk and start ranting," Vicek said. Vicek was inspired to write the story of Dick the Bruiser from age 9, when his parents took him to the old International Ampitheater in Chicago. There's 9, people chanting 'We want blood. He said, 'Aw, I didn't want to spoil the fun for you.

Afflis' ties to Lafayette were formed just after World War II, when his mother lost her state government job and the family moved back to Delphi. Afflis, who had played varsity football as a freshman and sophomore at Shortridge High School, was in a bind. I lived here, ate here and slept the nights here, so I was a resident of Lafayette.

The two years in Lafayette helped Afflis build an independent spirit that remained for the duration of his life. The move also paid off with a college scholarship to Purdue after being one of two all-state guards during his senior year at Jeff. Afflis didn't stay long at Purdue or his other collegiate destination, Nevada, before moving on to the National Football League.

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That is an elite group of athletes. That was before big money and big TV. That was still more than Joe Lunchbox but still He didn't miss a game for four years. With the wear and tear of pro football getting to him — including a kick to the throat that left Afflis with a distinctive growl for the rest of his life — he started looking for other ways to make a living.

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Afflis started dabbling in professional wrestling during the offseason. When he realized he could make more money without the risk of serious injury, Afflis became Dick The Bruiser.

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Within a year, Dick The Bruiser is in main events in Chicago. He was a villain when he started out.

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He didn't change his wrestling style to flying dropkicks, head scissors; he was Even if you suspected wrestling was a put-on, when you saw Bruiser looking into the camera with a microphone in his face, growling about what the weasel Bobby Heenan did to me last week at the coliseum, you believed it. Coup De Grace pairs well with Kayn natural assassin tendencies, and can greatly improve the damage of your [R] when looking to finish off a target.

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Kayn Jungle. Rhaast the Bruiser Duel and wear-down your opponents as a bruiser with sustained damage.

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Domination Burst damage and target access. Electrocute Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities in 2s deals bonus adaptive damage. Cooldown: s.

Sudden Impact After exiting stealth or using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport, damage a champion to gain 7 Lethality and 6 Magic Penetration for 5s. Cooldown: 4s. Sudden Impact. Eyeball Collection Collect eyeballs for champion and ward takedowns.

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Collect 1 eyeball per champion takedown or assist. Eyeball Collection. Ravenous Hunter Heal for a percentage of the damage dealt by your abilities. Healing: 1. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion.

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AoE: Healing reduced to one third on AoE abilities. Ravenous Hunter. Heal for a percentage of damage dealt with your abilities.