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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 01, Jason Koivu rated it really liked it Shelves: history , biography. This was one of my first forays into the life of a man who has meant so much to so very many. Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time felt easily digestible to me, an outsider and an utterly ignorant one at that. Having lived about years after Jesus, we seem to know more concrete information about the life of this prophet, thought by Islamists to be the last prophet, than we do of the Christians' "son of god".

He came from Mecca and is the man who brought all of the Arabian nations under one religi This was one of my first forays into the life of a man who has meant so much to so very many.

Muhammad : A Prophet for Our Time (Reprint) [Paperback]

He came from Mecca and is the man who brought all of the Arabian nations under one religious umbrella. He was a fighter, who raised a Jihadist army that he turned upon his own hometown, in the name of god of course. Perhaps that sounded too snarky. I do not intend to belittle the man or his religion.

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My scorn is for all organized religions. However, I try to set aside my prejudices when reading non-fiction on religious matters or biographies regarding their saintly figures. For instance, some of Muhammad's deeds did not seem entirely honorable in hindsight, but that is hindsight, which is distorted by the distance of time.

Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time is a nice primer, a good first step towards greater knowledge. During these difficult times, when many of us Americans do not readily accept the followers of Islam with open arms, getting to know the history of the people is an important step in realizing our overwhelming similarities as humans, the one and only tribe of man and woman that should truly matter. View all 11 comments.

Jun 14, Komal rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Instead of a review, I'll narrate an incident that occurred a couple of days ago which captures perfectly the way most Muslims might deal with this book. It's a conversation sort of, perhaps a bit more dramatized now that I analyze it between myself and another individual and it would summarize the gist of Karen Armstrong's handy work nicely.

O Instead of a review, I'll narrate an incident that occurred a couple of days ago which captures perfectly the way most Muslims might deal with this book. Once, it happened that I was indulged in this activity when a professor of mine, and an esteemed member of our medical society, halted by, picked the book from between my hands and said with a frown: "Why would you read the biography of our Holy Prophet, the most distinguished man on earth to our knowledge, written by a foreigner?

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I had this sudden, excessive desire to laugh. I didn't, of course, otherwise I would have likely been arrested in detention of some sort though, it just might have been worth it. The man was an able doctor and an equally skilled teacher. I respected him. This one question, though, pierced through my image of him like a hair brush flung unaware at the dressing table mirror.

What about that part isn't foreign? She's written this book after quite a lot of research. I need to keep a lock on my mouth lest this polite discussion goes out of hand and climbs into a personal vendetta. Professors here, you know, can't have their students mouthing them, even if they are wrong. I was well aware of getting my grades into jeopardy. I mean, she can't change the history, can she? All the facts remain hard, except this time she's presented them in a manner that isn't overqualified.

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And this book actually focuses on eradicating false Islamophobia from the West. Maybe just the glimpse of a star in a universe. His characteristics are particularly well known to those outside the religion. Armstrong hasn't tried to record the depth of his personality, just what was visible about him, and yes, that would be like a glimpse of a star in a universe. In fact, she has written the book in a manner that says she was rather fond of him.

Just sat with a poker face going 'Hmm hmm'. What's a student to do but prattle with fluster?

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It was like a damned full-fledged viva in a cafeteria. What of the 'sugar-free' parts though? She's just cited some of the minor mistakes that the Prophet had committed while trying to embrace his new responsibility. Mistakes to prevent the compromise of Islam itself, actually. Our textbooks kind of left out those parts And, uh, yeah. We weren't given the full image at school.

It's still a bit sorry, actually.

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Some sign of recognition that he wouldn't have me suspended. Thank you, God. I was half in excitement and half in tears. Please go away now, Professor, I have enough of you during the tedious lectures. He got up. Among 86 students? No wait, my coat damn it.

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My coat had my name plastered to it. I acknowledge that most among us are unreliable, but Armstrong really can't catch the deeper essences of Islam and Muhammad if she doesn't practise it. I think you're looking in the wrong places for this topic. This book, like you said, is focused towards the non-Islamic nation. I can give you a few recommendations on Islamic authors that wouldn't track you off the legitimate things, keep the sugar away, all the while explaining the better intricacies of Islam that Armstrong can never hope to capture.

While I admit that we're not the greatest society on earth, you should stop concluding that there are no credibly literate people to be found. There are plenty. I'd almost pee'd my pants. That would be great.