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Every fraud case is unique. Attorney Phil Weinberg of Evergreen Criminal Defense will expertly investigate all the facts and evidence of your case to build the best possible defense for your situation.

Call today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Examples of embezzlement include stealing or using company assets for personal gain, manipulating account balances and forging or altering company documents. Like most theft-related crimes, the penalties you could face for embezzlement depend on the value of the money or assets taken.

Embezzlement cases can be complex because they often involve extensive paper and electronic documentation.

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After thoroughly investigating your case, Attorney Phil Weinberg will work with you to identify the best defense options for your individual situation. A conviction for any kind of fraud or embezzlement could have both short and long term consequences. With over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, I have the expertise to represent you effectively, regardless of how serious the charges against you are.

Every case is unique. My main goal is to protect your rights and future by preventing a fraud or embezzlement conviction in your case. I have had success in conducting careful negotiations to avoid the filing of charges as well as seeking the dismissal of charges filed.

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File a Complaint. Customer Complaints Summary.

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When I was contacted by Five Star Professional in mid September, they made it sound like I was being honored and would be receiving an award. I then had encountered a family hardship where I could not afford this program and would no longer need the marketing. I asked to receive a refund prior to receiving any marketing materials or product.

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I then reached out to the Sales operation Manager who had said they would only refund me half of my payment but that it would be temporary and would have to pay it back 3 months later. The customer service was the worst I had ever encountered. I never even received a contract from this company so I could review what I was signing on for. After not ever receiving the refund they had promised, I tried reaching out again multiple times and no one got back to me or would answer my calls and emails.

Expand Complaint Details. Status: Answered. I paid 5 star professional on Nov 10 for marketing materials.

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The materials postcards were to be fulfilled early the following year. I called many times throughout the year.

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My contact told me every time I called that she's check on my order and get back to me, she never did. I then made contact with someone who claimed they would help me with a refund as the year drew to an end. Eventually he promised me a refund and said he may need my credit card number and would finalize everything in the coming week. At that point he stopped returning my calls and cut off contact with me. I thought it was based on customer service reviews from our clients. When I said I didn't want to purchase any type of advertising I was told I would be removed from consideration for the award.

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I got to thinking what was this all about, after paying one month and asking a lot of agents about this program. I DON'T think its right to have to pay for an award. I asked to be removed I never signed anything and to pay I have been a Five Star award winner of this business for about ten years. Maybe 11 years.

They issue "real estate awards" through local city magazine partnerships.

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