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New discoveries about photosynthesis may lead to solar cells of the future

Joseph Priestley was another scientist who contributed to the discovery of photosynthesis. He was born in and later became a chemist, minister, natural philosopher, educator and political theorist. His experiments included placing a lit candle inside a closed jar. Jan Ingenhousz also contributed to the discovery of photosynthesis. He was a Dutch chemist, biologist and physiologist who performed important experiments in the late s that proved that plants produce oxygen. Ingenhousz placed submerged plants in sunlight and then in the shade.

He noticed that small bubbles were produced by the plants when they were in the sunlight. When they were transferred to the shade bubbles were no longer produced by these plants. Ingenhousz later concluded that plants use light to produce oxygen. In , Jean Senebier, a Swiss botanist, pastor and naturalist demonstrated that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen with the help of sunlight.

He proposed that plants convert light energy into chemical energy. Enthalpy Question -- Hess' Law was created because a calorimeter can't be used to measure the enthalpy variation of some reactions? Sep 18, Explosion simulation Sep 17, Temperature of a compressed gas Sep 16, Why does an alkoxide steal H from water? Sep 12, Related Stories. Conversion efficiency of Jun 13, Jul 13, New method for converting solar energy into electrical power using photo-bioelectrochemical cells Jan 19, May 18, Oct 13, Recommended for you.

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Researchers resolve how fungi produce compounds with potential pharmaceutical applications 8 hours ago. Platinum-graphene fuel cell catalysts show superior stability over bulk platinum Sep 18, Sep 17, User comments. Jul 18, Hint to the author and anyone else interested in writing articles. NEVER, ever, use 'etc. If you have something to say, then say it. If you have nothing to say then don't. But 'etc. Report Block. Is there some sort of natural fiber optic system which transports the absorbed light to the photosynthetic organelle?

Is there a preliminary chemical process which creates a photosynthesis precursor enzyme or building block which in turn is shipped to the organelle via known mechanisms? Does the light just bounce haphazardly around inside the interstitial fluid medium until it collides with the photosynthesis machinery?

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Crassulacean acid metabolism photosynthesis: ;working the night shift'.

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