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That does not explain the specific reference to international title tournaments in the FIDE release. FIDE issued a release on January 4, , which stated " The American Chess Events International Title Tournaments 1 and 2 will be using the old time controls based on that interpretation. I have requested FIDE approval to use the old time controls for these two events so that any norms or titles earned as a result of these events aren't at risk due to either the contradiction of the new time controls with other FIDE regulations or the validity of the new time controls themselves, which has been brought into question and has become a major point of controversy.

Garry Kasparov got some of the greatest exposure of his chess career. He features in a Pepsi Advery shown during the Superbowl. The advert is called Man vs. The Linares tournament will take place 22nd February until March 7th The event is very strong but does lack Vladimir Kramnik who could not agree conditions with the organisers and Viswanathan Anand who has committments to his sponsor in India.

Contact Laszlo Nagy at: firstsat elender.

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There will be: 1. IM-closed tournaments cat. Accommodation in a 3 star hotel close to the venue, bed and breakfast 25,-DM per day. The event is category VIII. It takes place 16thth of February Category: II to IV. Entry fee: depending on rating, to be stipulated by the organizer. Combine quality chess with your vacation!

If you register at least 5 participants ahead of time, we can organize a tournament at a date you pick. Soon more information in different chess magazines and on the internet. Includes a new interview with the Vice President of Iran Mr. Hashemi Taba. The XII. Contact Jan Mazuch for more info j. Venue: Hungarian Chess Federation, Budapest, 5th district. Falk Miksa Str. Rate of play: 40 moves in 2 hours, then 1 hour till the end, guillotine rules.

Schedule: registration until 16th March 9 p. Opening ceremony at In case of equal points prizes will be decided by Buchholz, Berger-Sonneborn, then by progressive scores. Prizegiving ceremony at on the 24th of March. Prizes: net xx2. The prizes are valid if there are minimum 70 players. If there are less players, prizes will be reduced proportionally.

One player can get only one prize. A transcript of Khalifman's ICC question and answer session is available. For instance he is not a supporter of the new FIDE time rate. He talks of the current big three Kasparov, Kramnik and Anand and how he feels he probably belongs in the next grouping of around 10 players I agree. His objection to FIDE ratings. Why he isn't disappointed at being ignored by Corus Why doesn't Khalifman get more invites? It puzzles me even in broken English he's a better ambassador for the game than many and he's playing well.

There will be an 8 game Korchnoi-Ponomariov match will start on 16th January in Donetsk. Schedule Confirmation of participation Feb 12th at Hamalainen icon. The 2nd Yateley Manor International Open takes place 19thst January and 3rd-4th February ie play is over 2 weekends. SL9 8DA e-mail ray. There is a Deep Fritz vs. Germany match taking place. The website for the Andorra open June 24th - July 2nd You can also win a digital camera or entry to the event by visiting their website. Emil Sutovsky has started contributing to the Chessy site.

Yugoslav journalist Sinisa Joksic has a new internet site. He will cover Yugoslav chess in Serbo-Croatian and English and also the swiss chess tour. There are two closed tournaments in Prague at the end of the year, the Wilhelm Steinitz Memorial and one open tournament - Karel Prucha Memorial. Closed IM tournament, players, cat. E-mail: orbis64 login. December 26, - December 30, Prague - Memorial Karel Prucha - international open tournament, 7 rounds.

Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Swiss system, 7 rounds and the games will last a maximum of 5 hours 40 moves for 2 hours and 30 minutes till the end. Prize are: 2. From Special prizes for best Lady, senior , junior , schoolboy and best local player. Venue: Hotel "Ambassador". Time table for "Ambassador Open": December Round 6th Next year Viktor Korchnoi celebrates his 70th birthday. The Swiss Chess Federation, his club "Zurich", organizers from Switzerland and other countries want to take part and organize some chess event in honor of great champion.

Swiss system 7 rounds and Swiss system, 7 rounds and the games will last a maximum of 6 hours 40 moves for 2 hours and 60 minutes till the end. Prizes: 1. Special prizes SF each: best Lady, senior , junior , schoolboy , Basle player, player till rating points and a best player till points.

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Venue Hotel "Hilton". Time table for "Hilton Open": January 1. January 6.

More information and registration: Robert Spoerri tel. No appearance fees. Open 9-round GM-tournament with good norm chances. Kingpin Magazine recently caught up with Alexander for an interview.

Tata Steel Chess Tournament

How do you relax? What do you consider to be your greatest weakness as a chess player? Lack of professionalism. Which book would you take to a desert island?

Tata Steel Chess Tournament

How to Beat Alexander Morozevich should this book exist by the time they send me to that island! What are your five favourite chess books? How would you characterise your chess-playing style? Laid-back I often play as if I am having a break! What is your greatest extravagance? Getting a rating of , which nobody, including me, expected!